How it all began

In summer of 2016 I had the idea of putting an emotional crown on my running career with an unforgettable highlight. Running once in the desert has always been my dream and so a participation in the legendary Marathon des Sables was the  obvious choice. In a conversation with my family, this idea quickly took shape and became a tangible project. It was very important to me that I had the support of my closest private environment from the very beginning.


After my request to participate was immediately answered positively, I once again experienced that a big goal in mind can free up undreamt-of energies. Equipped with a lot of positive energy, I started to tackle the planning and gained step by step additional security. It is indispensable to approach such a project with great seriousness and discipline. Na for me it was very important and valuable that from the very beginning I could rely on people who had already gained experience as finishers at the Marathon des Sables.