Running the Sahara - a diary from the desert and beyond


           A river through the desert.

           The body moves over the ground, undulating muscles making a rhythm for the beating heart and aspirations, with the shoes on the sand the only audible instrument as I float through the dunes. Time has been left behind."


Already back in August 2017, a little more than three months after my return from Morocco, I was inspired by the idea of recording my experiences during the preparation for the Marathon des Sables and the time in the desert itself in a book project. In addition to the stories about the Marathon des Sables adventure, the book should also include things and aspects that are important to me personally in life. Completion is planned for 2019. I decided to create the first language version in English, especially because the network in which I have been active for the last 15 years has mainly been international. I am grateful and appreciate that Scott Solano has been able to accompany and support me closely in my project. His experience in "story telling" and the fact that we have known each other for a number of years helps me a lot. I will inform you about the further progress as well as the sources of supply here at the appropriate time.